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Courts Advertising Limited
Standard Terms and Conditions for Acceptance of Advertisements as at February 2014

Courts Advertising Limited is a Limited Liability Company incorporated in England, company registered number 3820905, with registered office at 1st Floor, 44-46 Whitfield Street, London W1A 2EA. The principal place of business is Media House, Christy Close, Southfields Business Park, Basildon, Essex SS15 6EA, United Kingdom. The Directors are R.M. Andrews, G.R. Andrews and S. Andrews. All business is transacted with Courts Advertising Limited and there are no holding or subsidiary companies.

In this document the term Advertiser refers to the legal entity (or a successor entity) instructing the Agency to place an advertisement (the name of which may not necessarily be that included in an advertisement), and the term Publisher refers to a third-party publishing entity with which the Agency arranges for publication of an advertisement, on the Publisher’s own terms, on behalf of the Advertiser. For the avoidance of doubt a company, a person or any other legal entity for which a professional firm is acting in an insolvency, administration or similar supervisory capacity is not the Advertiser, and in these circumstances the professional firm is the Advertiser.

1. The registered name and registered office (where applicable) of the Advertiser, whether or not for publication, must accompany each advertisement.

2. The Agency accepts Advertisements only on the basis that they conform to the Advertising Codes of the Committee of Advertising Practice, statutory provisions in any territory in which an advertisement may be distributed and any requirements stipulated by a Publisher. The Agency reserves the right to decline or withdraw an advertisement if in their absolute discretion it appears to breach those provisions.

3. Although every effort is made to meet the wishes of the Advertiser, neither the Agency nor the Publisher can guarantee the insertion of any particular advertisement on a specific date.

4. Except for advertisements where agreement has been reached with a Publisher and a specific written guarantee has been given by the Agency to the Advertiser, the Agency cannot guarantee the position of any advertisement in any publication.

5. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to check the information and content of any acknowledgement of instructions or proof of an advertisement that the Agency may supply and to notify any errors to the Agency. The Agency assumes no responsibility for the repetition of errors unless notified by the Advertiser at the earliest reasonable opportunity.

6. The Advertiser undertakes to consider any discrepancies that the Agency may bring to the Advertiser’s attention in the process of scrutiny applied to each advertisement, and accepts that absolute responsibility for accuracy and compliance with statutory requirements of the content of an advertisement is with the Advertiser.

7. Advertisements accepted on credit are due for payment within 28 days from the date of the invoice. The existence of a dispute on an individual item on an account shall not affect the due date of payment of the balance of the account. A credit account is given to an Advertiser only when agreed by the Agency at their absolute discretion. Credit facilities may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. In the event of any breach of credit terms the Agency reserves the right to demand payment of the full balance of the account including any invoices not yet due.

8. Whilst every endeavour will be made the Agency and the Publisher to forward replies to box numbers to the Advertiser as soon as possible no liability is accepted in respect of any loss, damage or costs arising from a delay in forwarding such replies, however such delay may be caused.

9. The Advertiser warrants to the Agency that it is either the owner of the copyright (or has the licence to reproduce either in part or in whole such copyright) in relation to any design, drawing, logo or artistic work, title, name, dramatic or musical work or other like matter that is or may be contained in the advertisement.

10. The Advertiser warrants to the Agency that such advertisement is not of a defamatory nature or is likely to cause damage, injury or distress to any person, save where such may be incidentally caused by factual content permitted to be included by statutory requirements and not otherwise prohibited by any order made by a Court of law.

11. The Agency shall accept no liability in the event of non-publication of an advertisement resulting from any form of industrial action, weather or other external factor over which the Agency has no reasonable control, and the Agency shall accept no liability in respect of costs, legal costs, expenses, demands, claims or any other matter arising from an error in the publication of an advertisement or failure to publish an advertisement, save for the cost of the insertion of the advertisement.

12. The placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement by the Advertiser shall be deemed to be acceptance of the above conditions in full. Any conditions stipulated on an Advertiser’s instructions that differ in any form from this document shall be void unless written agreement (on either a general or case-by-case basis) to the contrary has been given by the Agency.

13. The Advertiser agrees and undertakes to indemnify the Agency and the Publisher against any costs, claims, actions, demands or proceedings arising out of non-compliance with the matters set out in this document.