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We provide a variety of advertisement forms, relating to statutory advertising in the Gazettes and newspapers.

To use these forms you will need to have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. If you are in any doubt or would like advice please call 01268 494140.

Forms for insolvency cases (England and Wales)

The Insolvency (England and Wales) Rules 2016 came into force on 6 April 2017. As a result the previous advertising forms for cases under the 1986 rules, as modified in 2010, are no longer valid for use (with some limited exceptions – mainly if you are dealing with the insolvency of an LLP).

We have put together a complete set of new forms for our clients to cover all the notices you are likely to need to place under the New Rules. To access the new 2017 forms you will need to enter your client account code and an order number relating to an advertisement recently placed with us – both of these items (as ‘Account ref’ and ‘Our ref’ respectively) will be found on either an acknowledgement or an invoice that we have sent you.

2017 new forms – if you are a current client please have your client account code and a recent order number ready and click here

1986/2010 superseded forms – if you need to access these for a specific reason they are freely available, please click here

If you have any questions about how the New Rules affect the advertising requirements then our ‘Statutory Advertising Guide 2017’ may be of interest – click here to download in PDF format

Please contact Ewan Clydesdale on 01268 494140 or e-mail if you have any questions about the effect of the New Rules on statutory advertising (or if you are not currently a client of ours).

Other Forms

If you cannot find the form you require, or if you need to publish a notice not listed here (including for cases outside of England and Wales, or for licensing, probate, law and other matters), please call Ewan Clydesdale at Courts Advertising on 01268 494140 or e-mail for advice, information and example wording.

Wills & Probate - England and Wales
Advertisement/Notice GAZ CODE FORM
Notice to Creditors to Submit Claims
(Deceased Estate)

Section 27, Trustee Act 1925 (as amended)
2903 WPT01 WORD